Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Current Fashion Obsessions

Recently I've been really obsessed with certain fashion trends, some of them I have created myself and some of them I can only dream I will someday get to try out.


When I say mesh I don't mean like gym lad vest mesh, I mean really sheer chiffon. I saw a picture on tumblr of such a perfect combo and I have just ordered my own mesh t shirt from Ark. If I pair it with a black crop top and some denim shorts it will look fab.

Two Piece Outfits

Basically Kim Kardashian's contribution to fashion. I love how these two piece outfits show up the best parts of a curvy woman's body. 

Fur Vests

A little faux fur never hurt nobody? I LOVE faux fur, it adds so much class to an outfit and when worn correctly it leaves me speechless.

Thankyou So Much for reading!

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