Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Eye Makeup Inspiration

My favorite thing about makeup is dressing up the eyes. I have gathered alot of inspiration from countless youtubers, but I can knock it down to two that I watch the most. 

The first is Vivian Vo-Farmer. No doubt you would of seen her before on instagram, or twitter as she is very well known for her beauty and style. She is so beautiful! I love her every day makeup, in fact it is very similar to my own. Her style is a mix between light grunge and chic, and its my fashion inspiration as well. I forgot to mention, her hair is very famous on tumblr, lovely, long brown locks.

I gather its pretty hard to see her eye makeup in this, however I love her style! Her hair is amazing as well. I can imagine it being very annoying though!! Just a side note- check out those abs! 

Her hair in this is just amazing, on her channel she has alot of tutorials on how you can achieve similar looks to hers. But honestly no matter how hard I try, my hair will never look as good as hers!

So finally a picture of her makeup, probably what you're reading to see. As you can see she wears a strong brow, with smoky eyes, winged liner and full eyelashes, with a cherry lip. It screams summer, and to switch it to fit the fall theme, just add a dark mauve lipstick and you're set.

Moving on to Diana Curmei, from the youtube channel easy neon. Before I start can I just point out how beautiful she is. Her face is so inviting and so perfect. On her channel she gives tutorials on many different makeup looks and they are all very unique and not just the safe smoky eye most youtubers go for.

She is so beautiful, it annoys me to look at her. Her minimal eye makeup in this pair with the orange lip nicely and nothing is incorrect about this picture.  I love her flawless skin finish aswell.

This is the look I hope to attempt NYE. The eyes are completely matte which make them look so perfect and big. I like shimmer however I feel it can be messy if not done correctly. I love her eyeliner. It is gel eye liner she uses and as soon as i get chance im going to buy some as I've been safely sticking to liquid long enough!

This is what I mean by unique. GREEN EYELINER. Who would of thought? Funnily enough I tried this and it did not look the same on me as it did on her but there is always hope. For this look she used this inglot liquid that transforms any eye shadow into eyeliner. Quite cool if you ask me. 

And finally, I guess I should show you my eye makeup. I have about 3 day to day makeup looks. The first is inspired by Vivian Vo Farmer. It incorporates a bit of shimmer, and is a messy smoky eye. The second is A clean matter smoky eye, resembling Diana's and Kylie Jenner's. Finally, my natural look which is inspired by Emily Ratajkowski's makeup in the blurred lines video.

This is my messy smoky eye. I use a dark shimmery brown, a mauve matte colour, and a lights gold for this look.

Thankyou so much for reading, and I hope you check out these youtubers! Let me know post suggestions down below!


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