Monday, 5 January 2015

My Top 10 Musicals

Trust me when I say I've seen a lot of musicals. I've seen from All that Jazz to Billy Elliot, to Evita, to Wicked.Yes- some have been bad in my opinion and yes- some have been good. But today I am going to be listing my top 10. I apologize as not all of these will be currently be able to view on stage at this moment of time, but you can buy all of them on DVD barr a few.

Disclaimer: I have not seen all of these on stage, but I have seen all of them on DVD. I understand that the DVD can sometimes be a false representation of the show, but through combining youtube clips and the DVD, I'd say its as good as anything.

10- Little Shop Of Horrors: I am currently apart of this show in my school production. I play the role of Ronette the sassy street urchin. Some of the lines make me feel so much like such a strong, independent woman, my character may as well be Beyonce. When I do the show I will be uploading some pictures! I love this show because its such a fun loving atmosphere, and you fall in love with the dorky protagonist Seymour. He is not attractive in the slightest, yet him cute innocent face would make any girl swoon.

9-The Wizard Of Oz: I have also done this show with my school. However I wasnt as much in the lime light. I was just a background dancer but as they say there are no such things such as small parts, just small people! But I love this show because it just is so child friendly and makes you feel like an innocent child where you truly believe wishes came true. Those were the days.

8- Moulin Rouge: I absolutely love the dancing in moulin rouge. I just want get up and join in when ever I watch it, but then I realize maybe my friends wouldn't appreciate that. Jokes aside, the emotion in this film is unreal, its such a roller coaster from, humorous to sad, to romantic, and then to excited. Nicole Kidman really does portray Satine well! 

7-Matilda: Honestly, Matilda the musical is hilarious! I always used to wish I was like matilda and had magical powers to stop bullies when I was younger, and she just inspired me, also I became a better reader because of it. Its so magical, and I cried when the song 'When I grow Up' was on! It was beautiful.

6- Phantom Of The Opera: My only word for phantom is, WOW! The vocals that Christine does are truly magnificent! I definately would not want to be in a sing off with that character... I always have the song 'Think Of Me' in my head and it gives me goosebumps when she accesses that top B flat! 

5- Cats: I like love the dancing in this. But I must say the costumes earn its place. The vibrant cat suits with the vivid face paint make me so envious and I just want to be in it! 

4-Wicked: Two words, Idina, Menzel. She is so iconic and her voice is beautiful. Honestly, the top reason why I like wicked is because of the song 'Defying Gravity' it's so magical and I think it's a real theatre highlight. 

3-Thriller: I saw Thriller at Halloween this year, and it's so fun! The cast get you up on your feet dancing, speaking of dancing- WOW! Being a dancer I was SO impressed with the quality and the energy, also the outfits were amazing!

2-Les Miserables: You can't really put Les Mis into words until you see It. Whilst watching the film you can definitely enjoy the music. However, when you're watching it first hand, you feel the music and get goose bumps all over.

1-Billy Elliot: Honestly, Billy Elliot makes me cry every time I watch it. I love the story line and 'Electricty' is my favourite peice of contemporary choreography of all time, wow. It is a must see.

Thank you so much much for reading! 

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