Friday, 16 January 2015

Fitness Inspiration

Like my eye makeup inspiration- this will be a lot similar. I am currently on a diet- I mentioned in my sales haul post I was on a journey to drop a dress size and fit into my goal jeans- I DID! I'll admit I'm very bad at dieting. I can't help but cave in for something I crave. But if I'm being honest, what I've found is, if you down a cup of green tea, then go for a run- its alright! (This is no scientific conclusion but it works for me)

First of all, my ultimate inspiration is Emily Ratakjowski. If you don't know who she is put it this way- the brunette in the Blurred Lines video. She has the PERFECT body, and guess what. She had it from a young age so she has had it given to her on a plate. So unfair. She has a tight little waist, a toned bum and skinny legs, what more could you want of a body?

See what I mean? WISH I had her body.

Not only has she got a great body- but a KILLER sense of style as well. I love this little blue dress, it makes her legs look long and elegant and the baby blue makes her olive skin tone pop.

Secondly, I take inspiration from the Spring Breakers girls. They are the complete opposite reason from why I love Emily. I love the spring breakers girls because they haven't got the standardized 'model' body like Emily, however they do have a little extra on them, meaning they aren't twigs, but they have amazing bodies, which I think are really hot. 

Thankyou so much for reading!


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