Friday, 9 January 2015

Sales Haul

So, I was playing hockey early December, and stupid me- stood on the ball and have got ligament damage in my ankle. So I can't go to the sales. But fear not, that is what online shopping is for! So I ordered a couple things from boohoo, asos, and misguided. To be fair, some things were late Christmas presents but I did buy myself some nice clothes as well.

First thing I got from asos I wont show you on, as I don't think that would be particularly smart. I bought a strapless bra, which is an essential for the way fashion is going at the moment. With all the spaghetti strap  shirts and dresses, this piece is vital!

In the past I have never really shopped from missguided but from now on, I definitely will be. The shipping was fast and the variety of stuff is amazing. I first got this white crop top. It has triangle cut outs at the sides which I think is a nice touch. Also at the back it has a nice accent rose gold zip. I think some rose gold jewellery could pull the outfit together nicely. 

For ages I have seen pictures of chic fashionable women on Pinterest and tumblr and do you know what they are all wearing? A loose, baggy, white shirt. So I bought one. Stupidly, I ordered a size 6 instead of an 8 but it still looks baggy surprisingly. It's such a versatile peice and I love it.

Finally I bought some jeans. To be honest with you they don't fit. I put on so much weight over the winter months, I've managed to go up a dress size. In bottoms I was a size 10 but now I comfortably fit a size 12. Which I'm not happy with! So I bought these really nice jeans from in order to motivate me. 

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